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What is the success rate of Spravato?

What is the success rate of Spravato?

If you experience depression, you understand how complex treating this mental health condition can be. In some cases, depression develops into treatment-resistant depression, making the core symptoms difficult to manage with conventional treatments. Patients who have experienced this type of depression may have heard of Spravato®, an emerging treatment for patients with depression and TRD. If you are considering this form of treatment, you may be asking yourself just how effective it is. What is the success rate of Spravato, and can it help you?

What is Spravato, exactly?

To begin, let’s look at what Spravato is. Spravato is an esketamine nasal spray that is prescribed for use in tandem with oral antidepressants. It has been shown to help those with treatment-resistant depression and patients experiencing serious depressive episodes with suicidal thoughts.

The Statistics

Janssen Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer of Spravato, has done its own rigorous research into the efficacy of the drug. Their findings show some pretty impressive results:

  • After 16 weeks of receiving Spravato, study participants who maintained a regimen of Spravato were less likely to have a return of symptoms than those who stopped taking the nasal spray.
  • Patients in the study who received Spravato along with an antidepressant experienced a greater and more rapid reduction in their depressive symptoms after four weeks when compared to participants receiving a placebo with oral antidepressant.
  • Some patients experienced a decrease in certain symptoms as soon as 4 hours after the first dose of Spravato.

This data is persuasive. What’s more, Spravato has been shown to bring relief to patients with treatment-resistant depression that has not responded to other forms of intervention, including oral antidepressants and talk therapy.

Does Spravato work for everyone?

Spravato is not recommended for use by everyone. It is contraindicated for patients with certain medical conditions. If you have a history of aneurysm, for example, it is not recommended that you take Spravato. It is also contraindicated for those with a history of bleeding in the brain or for those with an allergy to either ketamine or esketamine. Working in close consultation with a medical professional can help you determine whether or not Spravato is right for you.

Who is a good candidate for Spravato?

Spravato is a great option for those who have been in treatment for depression for some time and experienced little relief from their depressive symptoms. In addition to those with TRD, Spravato also is a good option for adults experiencing a major depressive condition that includes suicidal thoughts or actions. Anyone experiencing suicidal thoughts should contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255 immediately.

Is Spravato covered by insurance?

Spravato is covered under many insurance programs. To confirm eligibility, contact Andala or consult with your insurance provider. Consult with your doctor’s office to explore your options and determine your eligibility for price reduction programs.Spravato has been a gift for many individuals with depression and it has the success rates to back that up. If you are interested in learning more about what Spravato can do for you, get in touch with a psychiatric professional at Andala today.