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Life After Spravato®

Life After Spravato®

Spravato® is transformative for many patients, especially those experiencing the effects of treatment-resistant depression (TRD). What happens after Spravato®?

If you are considering treatment or are in the midst of treatment, you may be wondering what the path forward looks like. The good news is it’s one of productivity, engagement and a healthful approach to living.

Patients Can Experience Significantly Fewer Symptoms After Spravato®

Whether you have TRD or major depressive disorder (MDD) with suicidal thoughts, Spravato® may help you experience far fewer symptoms in the long term. Spravato® is particularly effective in reducing the symptoms that can make TRD complicated for so many patients. It is able to achieve this because of the way it impacts glutamate in the brain. Traditional pharmaceuticals may not be able to do this in patients with TRD, making Spravato® an important alternative to traditional remedies.

Going Back to Your Favorite Hobbies

One of the most frustrating aspects of treatment-resistant depression is that it takes many people away from the things they love. Hobbies and pastimes that were once engaging and exciting become of little interest.

Many patients on Spravato® report that after taking the medication, they are able to experience renewed interest in their favorite hobbies and pastimes. You may find a return of color in your life and experience true engagement for the first time in a while. You might even pick up a new hobby!

Most People Continue With Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an essential component of any treatment plan for TRD. You will likely continue with your psychotherapy sessions, though they may not be as frequent.

Psychotherapy will continue to be an effective and beneficial component of leading a healthy and full life, providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

Some Patients Continue With Maintenance Doses of Spravato®

After the initial series of treatments, you will likely continue with maintenance doses into the future. These doses will not be as frequent, but adhering to a maintenance schedule may be important to preserving your new state of being.

If you need or want to stop Spravato®, work in consultation with your doctor. Stopping Spravato® abruptly can lead to a return of certain symptoms, and it is best to engage in effective medication management with your doctor to ensure the best and safest experience.

Engaging in Effective Self-Care

Still another way in which TRD and MDD affect patients is in how these conditions can prevent individuals from engaging in effective self-care. Even tasks as mundane as tidying the house or taking a shower can seem like mountains to someone in the sway of these conditions. In your life after Spravato, you may be able to once again engage in positive self-care and return to a state of general health and well-being that was just out of reach before.

Take the First Step Today

Are you interested in seeing how Spravato® can help you? Reach out to our team of mental health specialists today. They can walk you through the process and help you uncover just how fulfilling life can be after Spravato®.